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Sis is an interactive blog series dedicated to Black women looking for love.  Let’s face it there has been plenty of writing about dating over the years… books, guides, pocket manuals, you name it.  And now more than ever, you can access dating advice at the tips of your fingers thanks to the many posts and videos circulating on social media.  Yet, how many of these dating pieces have specifically focused on the experiences of Black women?  More importantly, how many have been written by Black women for Black women?  If you’re having trouble coming up with an extensive list, then you are not alone.  The idea for the Sis Blog Series came about to address the lack of culturally relevant writing when it comes to Black women, love, and relationships. 

The blog is authored by Dr. Spesh, an Atlanta based psychologist.  She writes on this topic from a personal and psychological perspective as a Black woman in the business of understanding people and relationships. The blog is a loving tribute, a collection of open love letters, to a previous version of herself and to the many Black women looking for love.  If the title drew you in then this blog is for you Sis.       

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Write in with your thoughts for a chance to have your question or topic featured in the Sis Letters and/or episodes.  Your name will not be used in the direct response so that you can remain anonymous.  Email your questions to and don't forget to subscribe for all the latest! Follow @Dr.Spesh on Instagram for Sis episodes.

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